Monday, May 12, 2008

First day.

May 12, 2008

This is the first page of my new blog. I admit that I am inexperienced with this medium. I write, I create, I paint, but I have never blogged. (Is that even a verb?)

I've titled this blog The Younger We Get, because I am Anne Younger and no-body gets me. But also, because I intend to write here about my parents and their slow decline toward the ends of their lives. It sometimes feels like the older they are, the younger they get. They become more dependant and child-like with each day.

I am single and in my fifties. I just graduated from college last week. I moved in with my parents in the summer of 2004 to take care of them. Mom is 84 and has dementia and diabetes. She has a very short memory, about one or two minutes. Dad is 86 and has a weakening heart, back and knee pain, which makes it hard for him to get around. He had a pacemaker installed just over a year ago.

I will be writing about all the things that happen around here. Friends tell me that I should write about this stuff; maybe I can help others who are going through the same things. I also write to document my parents last years. At the very least, I will try to deal with some of the frustration. I feel like we are trying to fight nature, and to slow the march of time. Those all seem like good reasons to create a blog. Maybe I'll turn some of this blog into a book. We'll see.

I look forward to sharing my life with you.

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Susan said...

Hello, my dear sister Anne,

I just found your blog and had to reply, as I find it very apropos that you should post "first day" on the day of your birth - or could it be 'rebirth'. I recently realized that since nearly every cell in our body is replaced over and over again we are reborn - anew year after year. We don't get older - we get newer. So here's to your "first - new - day!" Your sister, Susan